How do you think about mental health?

Take a moment and look at a table near you - how level is it? Mental health, especially that of children, is like the levelness of a table. I learned this analogy years ago from Frameworks Institute at a conference. They write

One way to think about mental health for children is that it’s like the levelness of a piece of furniture, such as a table. And that levelness can depend on the table, the floor it’s on, or both. Just as levelness allows a table to function properly, the mental health of a child enables them to function in many different areas. When children’s brain architecture develops in an environment of toxic stress, it’s like a table on an uneven floor. And tables can’t make themselves level; they need attention from experts who understand levelness and stability and who can work on the table, the floor, or even both.

Many people think about mental health only in terms of if you have a diagnosis or not; if not you are considered "healthy." What I have learned from doing evaluations and counseling is that the truth is we are ALL somewhere on a spectrum of mental health, and it is not just a diagnoses or lack of one that places you on the spectrum.



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