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I’m Dr. Megan Carney (you can call me Megan) and I help people who are worried there might be something wrong with themselves or their child. I talk to you, we do some tests, I try to talk to someone who knows you, and answer your most pressing questions. I even give you some next steps based on those answers. I’ve been helping learn about themselves and their children since 2012 and have taught many others how to do the same.

I know it is not easy finding someone you trust to share deep, personal things about yourself. You should know that I only share information with your permission or when required by law. There is little that you could say that will shock me so please, don’t hold back on my account! I also know you don’t live under a rock somewhere which means the world and your experiences impact you - I want us to think about how the world makes you feel too. And while I might not know exactly how it feels to have lived your life, I can tell you that your feelings are valid and let you know if what you’re worrying about is a common response to what you’ve experienced or not. I know there is not just one way to be and we each have to face our own struggles the best way we can.

You deserve the relief that comes with feeling heard, knowing answers, understanding yourself, and having a plan for how to get better. If you are interested in learning how we can answer your questions and stop feeling so worried, schedule your free 15 minute call here now to find out how ! If you don’t see a time that works for you leave a message at 208-843-3149 and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Need to know a little more about me first? I’m a licensed psychologist with a PhD in School Psychology from the University of Missouri. My training and passions are heavily focused on the impact of bad or scary experiences and relationships (you might call it trauma), emotional and behavioral problems such as anxiety and anger outbursts, and cultural diversity. I’ve been learning Spanish since middle school and became fluent while studying abroad and living with a host family in Valdivia, Chile. The large majority of evaluations I’ve done have a question about trauma or negative life experiences and their impact. I also have a lot of experience evaluating for Autism, mood disorders, personality disorders, and psychosis. I’m passionate about making sure people aren’t getting the wrong diagnosis because someone overlooked trauma, culture, or context. This means I am thorough and picky about using the right tests for the right person and the right questions. I’m not going to hide the truth from you about what I’m thinking about will even check in with you about my thoughts during our process.

I care a lot about empathy, integrity, and equality. One of the most rewarding things I do is evaluations for immigration purposes. There is no feeling like testifying in an immigration case and hearing that you made the difference that led to a positive outcome for someone.

If you see me outside of the professional world I might be enjoying karaoke, biking, practicing yoga, running after my energetic kiddo, or just being a bit of an introverted nerd.

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