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I help people answer “what is wrong?” and learn how to fix it.


I help people get clear about what is going on with themselves or their child. Based on those answers I give recommendations to lead to a calmer, happier life. We get these results from a psychological evaluation using interviews and testing. The whole process is designed to answer your questions and meet your needs. I also provide therapy when appropriate for your needs - when I’m not the right therapist for you I am happy to refer you to the right match.

My office is in Meridian, Idaho. Additionally, I can meet with people for interviews throughout Idaho on video using a secure platform; you might hear this called telehealth or teletherapy. Depending on your testing needs, you may need to make a visit to my office. We can discuss this in your free 15 minute consultation when you call 208-843-3149. You can also schedule online for your free consultation here.

I help People who worry something is wrong with themselves or their child. 

I help figure out why you are having so much trouble with things you think should be easy, why you can’t stop worrying, and why you are struggling to feel good. I also help parents figure out why their kid is acting that way and if their kid’s behavior is normal or something they should be worried about.

A psychological evaluation is helpful when you can’t answer these questions on your own. It gives you some clarity about the issues you are having and guides you toward getting better. It helps identify if you need therapy, what to work on in therapy, if talking to someone about medication might be a good option, and gives you information to help yourself. Many people find the process of a good evaluation therapeutic and feel relief when they finally have some answers. Learn more about my services here.



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