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You’ve been worrying about your immigration status.

Now that you have to do something about it you are really anxious.

You always knew this time would come. Now it is here and you’re terrified. The court date is set and you are working with a lawyer to make sure the case has a chance. But you want more than a chance, you want to be confident the case is good! The lawyer told you to get an evaluation with a mental health professional to strengthen your case. Now you have even more to worry about – you are wondering if the lawyer thinks you have a weak case and what the lawyer thinks is wrong with you. You’ve been putting it off, but it’s just making you more anxious. Still, you aren’t sure about telling some stranger about all your problems – that stuff is private! Besides, people don’t see psychologists unless they’re crazy, right? Not to mention you’re already working more hours to pay for a decent lawyer, and now you aren’t sure if this is just throwing away money for a hopeless cause.

I hear ya. The truth is immigration evaluations aren’t about getting traditional counseling advice or a way to tell you that you are “crazy.” These evaluations are a tool for your lawyer to get the best possible information to support your case. With me you get more than something to support your immigration case; you get some relief from your worries. This relief comes from my compassion, patience, and honesty. Yes, you get your report, and you get it quickly. And yes, I will testify in your case. But I will also give you an understanding about yourself that you didn’t know you needed (and no, that doesn’t mean you’re crazy). I will work to put you at ease throughout the entire process. And, I will leave you with hope and knowledge of how to keep moving forward.

If you want to feel guilt-free knowing you did everything an honest person can do to avoid deportation, leave a message at 208-843-3149 or click here now to set up a free 15-minute consultation for an evaluation. Together we can get started building hope for yourself and your case.

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