You might be asking yourself some BIG questions right now, like:

“Is there something wrong with me?”

What is wrong with me?”

Maybe you’ve gotten down to a certain thing you struggle with and are asking something more like:

“Why are things hard for me that seem easier for others?”

“Why can’t I just be normal?”

“Why can’t I just be happy?”

Why can’t I just relax?”

You are desperate for answers and don’t know where to find them.

You are worried that you will never find the answers you are looking for.

But you haven’t lost all hope yet. You know there is a chance for relief.

I can help you answer your questions.

We’ll figure out together exactly why you are having trouble and

make an action plan.

I’ll give information, therapy, or recommendations as appropriate to your needs, and

You will finally have some answers, understand yourself, and know your next steps.

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All photography taken and provided by Merissa Strawsine

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